Crowd Funder

Between December and April this year I ran a crowd funding project to raise some funds to start a yoga centre in Newark.

The crowd fund was successful, and we raised the target of £8.600.

Since then I have got back from India (was training there in Feb and March) and have set about raising the rest of the funding, and negotiating the lease on a property in the town centre.

As more news develops you can find in on our Facebook page at this link.

Once the rest of the funding and the lease is sorted, the real work can begin.

Installing a gas boiler, modifying some internal walls, installing underfloor heating, engineered wood floor and carpets, decorating, lights, changing rooms.

I have started at looking at making a website and branding the project and we have an email address and MOCK site up online right now.


The whole process will be documented on the Facebook page, so keep tuned and lets see where this goes. 🙂

And this is a picture of the town where I live.


Thank you

Chris xx